Sample Suites

Union Bank Building
Long Beach, CA

Interactive 3D Space Plans:

  • Suite 200 (3,326 rsf)
  • Suite 200 ("HD") (3,326 rsf)
  • Suite 220 (956 rsf)
  • Suite 220 ("HD") (956 rsf)
  • Suite 510 (2,868 rsf)
  • Suite 1150 (3,765 rsf)

  • Brookshire Building
    Downey, CA

    Interactive 3D Space Plan:

  • Suite 8529-100 (2,064 sf)
  • Suite 8531-102 (1,157 sf)
  • Suite 8531-200 (1,430 sf)
  • Suite 8531-202 (1,257 sf)
  • Suite 8535-100 (5,005 sf)
  • Suite 8535-201 (3,216 sf)
  • Suite 8535-205 (648 sf)



    3D Space Planning with 3D Event Designer

    We all know about “smart buildings”. But how about a “smart(er) leasing process”? Now there is one, and MKC is leading the way! With the advent of an incredible 21st Century technology known as 3D Space Planning by 3D Event Designer, we (although it’s available to everyone in the industry) and our building owner clients, our buildings’ leasing teams, architects, and all of the prospective tenants looking at the vacant spaces in our managed buildings are now able to participate in a much more efficient leasing process that is benefiting all involved.

    MKC Asset Management is proud to be the first Property Management firm in the nation to pioneer the use of online 3D Space Planning to maximize the efficiency of our buildings’ leasing process, while simultaneously solving the needs of our prospective tenants, saving architectural and construction costs, speeding up the payment of brokers’ commissions, and not only saving our clients (landlords) money, but also accelerating their receipt of new tenant rental revenues.

    What We Do

    Our buildings’ prospective tenants no longer have to continually revisit the vacant office space in our buildings (taking time away from their offices to travel and tour and continually re-tour the vacant spaces they are interested in) to determine if they like a proposed layout or whether their furniture will “fit”, a process that can last weeks, thus delaying/extending the overall leasing process.


    Instead, in the luxury of their own offices at any time of the day, they can now “click, drag, and drop” into their chosen prospective space in our managed buildings the various interior walls, doors, and all of their furniture, move it all around until they are pleased with the layout, and then “virtually walk through the office space” by viewing their prospective space in 3D as if they were there in person. This part of the leasing process can now become “days” instead of the normal “weeks”.

    See that picture above? That use to be one of our vacant suites that was modeled for a prospective tenant. It took 45 minutes to set up including the placement of walls, doors, and furniture. This simple layout, especially when viewed in its 3D visual that enables one to "walk through the space" and "see" what it will actually look like when the tenant ultimately occupies it, helps accelerate a tenant's decision-making process as well as the overall leasing process for the benefit of all parties!

    Benefits of Our 3D Space Planning

    • Allows the user (e.g., the tenant, the brokers, etc.) to make Preliminary Space Plan design changes with a simple click of a button from anywhere Internet access is available
    • Allows the changes to be “shared” with others for instant reviews and further changes
    • Reduces the number of trips to the vacant spaces from 3, 5, 8, 10, 15, whatever … to just 1 – the initial visit, saving everyone’s time!
    • Helps determine the best locations for electrical, data, and phone outlets, saving construction and installation costs of what become unneeded and unused outlets
    • Helps determine the best locations for doors, glass wall panels, artwork, etc.
    • Helps determine the appropriate amount of furniture that can be used in the space, thus minimizing moving costs of furniture that would later be found to be excess and in the way
    • Architectural fees are reduced due to fewer changes to their formally drawn Space Plans
    • Property Management teams spend less time accompanying prospective tenants that are revisiting their chosen vacant spaces and can instead focus that time on other pressing property management tasks
    • Brokers’ commissions are paid earlier with this shortened leasing process
    • Rental revenues cash flow begins earlier with this shortened leasing process

    Visit Our Buildings’ Vacant Spaces

    Click our links to tour featured vacant suites in our buildings and experience this extraordinary technology by

    Interested in 3D Space Planning for Your Buildings?

    In addition to helping accelerate vacant space leasing success, this 3D application is also helping buildings promote certain vacant areas that can be used/rented out for private and/or corporate events (Event Spaces can earn your buildings additional income, and therefore enhance their value even more!).

    Please contact 3D Event Designer directly via their website or by emailing them at to:

    • Begin utilizing 3D Space Planning for your buildings' vacant spaces to capture potential new tenants by having them virtually envision the spaces as if it were their new offices, and/or
    • Promote your Event Spaces for private and/or corporate parties, meetings, conferences, events, and more
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