What Our Clients Are Saying

We use MKC for Lease Administration, Lease Abstracting, to review our many landlords’ CAM/OE Escalations and Base Rent CPI Adjustments, and to help us with various difficult property/facility/landlord issues to name just a few. Their work is timely, impeccable, truly helpful, and has saved our company a tremendous amount of time and money. In fact, over the course of their assignment with us, they have saved us over $2M in actual cash savings and an additional 8,500 hours of our manpower."

~ Facilities Group for a major regional bank in Southern California



About Us

MKC Asset Management (“MKCAM”) is a Long Beach-based commercial real estate property management firm specializing in comprehensive commercial real estate management and consulting services. Although formed in March 2006, the firm actually has its roots originating back in 1993 when current MKC partners Michael McClune and Cathy Sowma resigned from the preeminent and national powerhouse, LaSalle Partners (now Jones Lang LaSalle), where they had both been senior members and executives of its Western U.S. Region and had each obtained extensive training and invaluable experience over a number of years, to start up the MKC forerunner, New America Asset Management Services (“NAAMS”). During NAAMS’s existence (because of the successes and expertise that it had developed, LaSalle Partners acquired it in late 1997), the NAAMS staff grew to include numerous “ex-LaSalle Partners” management professionals and a variety of specialized talents including commercial real estate acquisition Due Diligence, CAM/OE Escalations, Vendor Contracting, Lease Administration, Tenant Lease Abstracting, Property Budgeting, and the creation and implementation of efficient, effective and automated/computerized Property Management Systems. Through this process, we have developed, and are recognized for, our “Best of Class” systems and procedures (”S&P”). MKCAM’s S&P’s aren’t the typical ones that other companies have and that have been imposed by a senior management who have long-since been removed from what’s needed and works best at the operational (i.e., building management or consulting assignment) level. Rather, having learned from the best (i.e., the LaSalle Partners of the 1980’s) and having updated those S&P’s with studied insight over the years gained from properties we’ve taken over from other companies (which allowed us to see first-hand what worked well for them and what didn’t) and from others friends in the industry, we have developed and continually refine our S&P’s to be truly effective, easy to use/implement, and very systemized and therefore efficient. The result … MKCAM’s “Best of Class” systems and procedures, which allow us to better focus on our clients’ other, important assignment issues instead of working on some time-consuming procedure. Today, the members of NAAMS’s successor, MKC Asset Management, are recognized in the industry as experts in property management and in each of the above specialized areas, and have been asked for assistance by such corporate and real estate leaders as Keesal, Young & Logan, The Irvine Company, LBA Realty, Pacific Western Bank, and Mazda North America, to name a few.

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