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What Our Clients Are Saying

A job well done!! You amaze me!! It boggles my mind to think of all the different problems you handle in the course of a week … I commend you all, and in my mind you all exemplify the excellence you strive to achieve."

~ Lyle C. Randles, SVP, Newmark & Company Real Estate



About Us: MKC-GRG-L&A Management Group

Following the organizational and operational principles of a law group, medical practice group, or financial services group, MKC Asset Management, Inc., GRG Management Services, and Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate Services, Los Angeles – Long Beach, have joined forces in a strategic and operational alliance that provides expanded services, additional and shared support, and enhanced capabilities to each and to owners of commercial real estate over what each firm can individually provide, and over what similarly positioned and sized competitive firms can provide.

Depending on the particular assignment and its elements and requirements, either MKC Asset Management or GRG Management Services would take the lead, with the other working with it on the assignment on a daily basis and providing both “behind-the-scenes” as well as operational day-to-day support, and will perform all of the functions as described on this website which are contracted for. In addition, for all assignments Lee & Associates provides leasing and acquisition/disposition services and advice if needed, as well as overall property strategy and consulting services to the assigned team.

commercial real estate property management

The combined MKC-GRG-L&A Management Group, and each firm individually, is committed to providing “whatever it takes” to actively, aggressively, efficiently, and cost-effectively manage the real estate assets under its oversight. Because our objective and focus is always to maximize the value of a property by means of our numerous and extensive revenue enhancement, expense minimization, tenant satisfaction, and property image enhancement programs, we will ensure that a well-qualified property team consisting of our staff and highly qualified vendors is always in place and that all of our corporate resources are always available for the property team to draw upon. Our combined staffs have an in-depth knowledge of and experience in managing office, industrial and retail properties of all kinds, and in dealing with all of the various “daily challenges” that all properties have. This unique “Total Team” approach enables our dedicated property staffs to benefit from our collective internal expertise and support while being able to focus intently on managing the various elements of the property.

Our unique “Total Team” approach involves:

  • A General Manager who is assigned to the property to coordinate and oversee all aspects of the management of the property, including his/her activities, vendor activities, and our corporate support activities.
  • Various other staff members from across the Management Group alliance take on significant “support” (i.e., “behind-the-scenes”) roles on a daily basis so that the property’s General Manager does not get bogged down (like all other property management firms’ property managers always do) in paperwork, reports, etc. Such support staff, each of whom are experts in these functions, does the:
    • Expert Lease Abstracting for all of the property’s tenant leases
    • Thorough input and confirmation of the tenant lease and financial data/information into the property’s accounting system
    • Preparation of the annual OE/CAM Escalation Reconciliations
    • Assisting with the annual Property Budget formulation
    • Review of all proposed lease documents prior to submission to the tenant(s) to ensure that the property owner’s interests are continually and fully protected and that the lease documents are in fact “able to be administrated” from a “property management perspective”
    • Property Accounting/Bookkeeping, including the billing and collection of tenant rents, and the review, coding, and inputting of all payables, as well as the publication to the property owner of the Monthly Financial/Management Reports
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