What Our Clients Are Saying

Coming to work in this Building is really a joy! … Great building and staff. Thanks! … The Management of this Building is very efficient and friendly; we enjoy our occupancy in the Building … It is a pleasure doing business in this Building; our requests for service have always been handled promptly and efficiently, and your staff is attentive and very professional; your attitudes make work seem less like work and more like pleasure … The Building Management is SUPERB!!"

~ Various tenant comments during annual “Tenant Surveys”, Union Bank Building, Long Beach


Management Services for Property Owners

We provide the full spectrum of Property/Facility Management Services including Property Accounting, Tenant Relations, Repair & Maintenance, Vendor Contracting & Oversight, etc. We can also provide just Property Accounting Services if so desired. Our systems and procedures ("S&P") for each of our services below have been refined over the years to be the "Best in Class" in our commercial real estate industry. Having first learned from the best (i.e., the LaSalle Partners of the 1980's), we have continually refined those S&P's with studied insight over the years gained from properties we've taken over from other companies (which allowed us to see first-hand what worked well for them and what didn't) and from others friends in the industry, with the result that our S&P's are not only truly effective, but they are also very easy to use/implement, and very systemized and therefore efficient. The result ... MKCAM's "Best of Class" systems and procedures, which allow us to better focus on our clients' other, important assignment issues instead of working on some time-consuming procedure. MKC Asset Management offers Property Management Services for Property Owners including Property/Facility Management, Property Accounting Services, Lease Abstracting, and Maintenance Management Program:


Property/Facility Management
Features & Benefits

MKC performs all of the needed oversight and management functions for a property including:

  • Property staffing
  • Lease abstracting
  • Property Accounting Services (see the section below for details)
  • Property budgeting
  • Preparation of annual CAM/OE Escalations Reconciliation Statements and billings to the property’s tenants
  • Contracting and oversight of maintenance vendors including life/fire safety, janitorial cleaning, electrical, plumbing, repair and maintenance, security, HVAC, etc.
  • Lease Administration of all tenant leases to ensure full compliance by both parties
  • Responses to Tenant Service Requests
  • Life safety training of tenants and property staff
  • Tenant Insurance tracking and compliance
  • Implementation of value enhancement strategies to increase the value of the asset
  • Etc.


Property Accounting Services
Features & Benefits

If a Property Owner or Property Management firm can handle the management of the property but doesn’t have a sufficient Property Accounting capability, MKC can perform that function. Such services could include:

  • Preparing tenant rent statements and other billings;
  • Collection of tenant payments and deposit in the clients’ accounts;
  • Payment of property expenses;
  • Providing monthly financial reports, including
    • Month and YTD “Actuals vs. Budget”
    • General Ledger report
    • Balance Sheet report
    • Etc.


Lease Abstracting
Features & Benefits

MKC can thoroughly review and abstract your commercial real estate project’s/portfolio’s tenant leases using our exclusive “BuildingAmerica Lease Abstracting Software Technology” (“BLAST”) providing you with the following benefits:

  • A 1-page summary of each tenant lease identifying over 190+ important lease items and their page references;
  • Each tenant’s lease “Options & Ticklers” are identified, categorized, and listed including “critical dates” (e.g., lease termination rights, renewal options, etc.) and “hidden ticklers” (e.g., annual carpet cleaning, etc.);
  • Tenant vs. Landlord maintenance responsibilities are identified; and
  • Various reports are generated summarizing your tenants’ leased locations, square footages, Security Deposits, parking rights, commencement and expiration dates, HVAC hours, local contacts, lease options and ticklers, floor-by-floor encumbrances, etc.


Maintenance Management Program ("M2P")
Features & Benefits

For “limited” Property/Facility Management assignments (e.g., certain industrial buildings, etc.), MKC can provide the management and oversight of the various types of maintenance required for such properties thus not only saving the client time and money, but also providing them with the expertise that may not exist in their organization. MKC’s Maintenance Management Program ("M2P") services include:

  • Bidding out the various vendor contracts (e.g., for HVAC maintenance, landscaping, roof maintenance, parking lot sweeping, etc.), selecting the best service providers, and drafting Maintenance Service Contracts;
  • Managing each vendor contract including oversight of their services and performance, periodic inspection of their work, scrutiny of their billings, etc.;
  • Inspecting the property for needed additional maintenance and the transmittal of the related work requests to the applicable vendor;
  • Lease abstracting of the lease controlling the property identifying all relevant lease-related matters including important dates, options, maintenance responsibilities, etc.
  • Reporting as may be required, including documentation satisfying various lease requirements (e.g., for industrial tenant clients who are required to initiate maintenance contracts and provide related documentation to the landlord as proof of lease compliance)
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