What Our Clients Are Saying

Mickey McClune, Cathy Sowma, and Kim Thomas have been our on-site management team since 1993 and they and their able staff have been indispensable assets … and have consistently developed and maintained excellent relationships with our tenants … We could not be more satisfied … We are completely comfortable not only with their ability to maintain good tenant relations, but their management of the building operations and maintenance programs, service contract management, lease administration, accounting, and financial reporting are second to none. We feel they are true partners to us, managing the property as if it were their own … I highly recommend them to any building owner who values their asset and wants the best management team to help maintain that asset."

~ Owner Representative for major high-rise office building managed by MKCAM's teams



Management Services - Why Us? Our Unique Difference

Choosing a Property/Facility Management firm and entrusting it with one’s valuable assets isn’t easy. Property Owners need a “safe choice” – a trusted “partner” who will be certain to do an excellent job. MKC Asset Management is uniquely positioned compared to the big national firms who wish to only focus on high-profile, high-profit (for them) properties, as well as compared to the small local or regional firms which don’t have any where near the same level of training, experience, and focus to enable such valuable assets to thrive. A summary of Our Unique Difference follows:

  • Our “target market” for Property Management assignments is the 10,000 to 200,000 sf office, retail, or industrial project in Los Angeles and Orange Counties
  • We provide complete oversight of assets from an “Owner’s Perspective” with a continual focus on “value enhancement”
  • We provide high quality, intensive, proactive, systematized institutional level services to small and mid-sized real estate assets – and no job is “just another assignment”
  • We have comprehensive experience and capabilities, as well as sophisticated and systematized management systems, and we always apply a high level of “attention to detail”
  • Our Commitment to Service Excellence – Going the Extra Mile program defines our attitude and approach to all aspects of what we do and how we do it (click here for an overview of this exclusive program)
  • We provide exceptional tenant relations even with “highly demanding” tenants
  • We provide correct and effective lease and contract administration
  • We understand institutional sensitivities, financial implications, decision-making processes, and reporting needs because of our comprehensive training and experiences – we make the Property Owners’ jobs easier and more productive

Our System & Capabilities

Good Property/Facility Management firms have the basics; “great” Property Management firms are simply different. MKC Asset Management has it all and more:

  • Exceptional people who are highly ethical, and focused solely on “preserving and enhancing the value of each asset it manages” - we manage each property "as if we personally owned it"
  • All staff members, including all vendor contracted team members, are dedicated to our Commitment to Service Excellence – Going the Extra Mile program
  • Our systems and procedures are considered "Best of Class" and are refinements of the best in the commercial real estate industry, enabling our team to be effective, efficient, highly systemized, and therefore able to focus more on important value enhancement opportunities for our clients
  • Everything we do is highly systematized to ensure that everything that needs to be done is not only done, but done on time
  • All property team members have received extensive and effective training
  • Our exceptional approach to management includes advanced forms, as well as a number of unique variations, of Property/Facility Management systems such as:
    • Exclusive Value Enhancement Programs
    • Comprehensive Life Safety Programs
    • Highly informative Monthly Management Reports and Property Budgeting Systems
    • Exceptional Lease Abstracting Systems ("CLASS") and Operating Expense Escalation Systems

MKC Asset Management provides the full spectrum of Property/Facility Management Services including Property Accounting, Tenant Relations, Repair & Maintenance, Vendor Contracting & Oversight, etc. We can also provide just Property Accounting Services if so desired.

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