What Our Clients Are Saying

"We’ve come to depend on Mickey’s expertise. He’s not only advised us very well on some complicated matters, but his work in abstracting our leases and setting up our lease file systems has been tremendous. His work and recommendations have already resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars of actual cash savings for our firm."

~ Facilities Group for a Major Automobile Manufacturer




MKC Asset Management is proud to pioneer the use of 3D Space Planning with, and offer Lease Abstracting services and provide Articles to give you expert insight into the Commercial Real Estate industry.

3D Space Planning

MKC Asset Management is proud to be the first Property Management firm in the nation to pioneer the use of 3D Space Planning to maximize the efficiency of our buildings’ leasing process, while simultaneously solving the needs of our prospective tenants, saving architectural and construction costs, speeding up the payment of brokers’ commissions, and not only saving our clients (landlords) money, but also accelerating their receipt of new tenant rental revenues.
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Lease Abstracting

MKC Asset Management’s commercial real estate lease abstracting provides executive, financial, and operational personnel an efficient and readily understandable “executive summary” of the important information contained in each of their commercial real estate leases. While many other lease abstracting systems can summarize real estate leases fairly well, all but one (ours!) have multi-page abstracts of between 5 and 11 pages long (which is the length of some real estate leases!). Our exceptional and unique 1-page Lease Abstracts, containing over 190 information items set in pre-formatted forms for easy viewing and consistent informational reference locations, provide all of the important lease information as well as references back to the applicable lease pages for more substantial and/or specific details if and as needed.
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Have questions you can't find the answers to? View articles by President and Managing Principal, Michael ("Mickey") McClune's, RPA®, FMA®, which give expert insight into the Commercial Real Estate industry from the Property Management and Consulting Services side of the business.
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